Reefs and Walls

Le Petit Sec : at the end of the Cap Lardier this rock mass is hidden a few centimeters under the surface and descends to 20 meters. All year long you will meet all sorts of underwater creatures, from rainbow wrass to groupers as well as nudibranch, conger and moray eels.
Le Moyen Sec : is a few yards from the Cap Lardier. The  «wall of the Moyen Sec » is home to the typical Mediterranean fauna, breams, groupers, conger and moray eels playing hide and seek between the gorgonians and the corraligen.
Le Petit and le Grand Quairolle : Two big rocks not far from the Cap Lardier welcome a profusion of flora and fauna : conger eels, moray eels, groupers, dentexs, barracudas in a grandiose scenery of walls and cracks covered with big gorgonians at depths ranging from 15 to 45 meters.
Le Dattier : this vast rocky plateau to the west of Cavalaire presents a succession of cracks and flat stones between 5 and 18 meters, the small Mediterranean fish will be a delight for beginners.
La Gabinière and le Sec de la Gabinière : the Port-Cros National Park benefits 100% from the « reserve » effect, the big groupers can be counted in dozens, the dentex and barracudas in hundreds. The wall of la Gabinière is accessible to all divers; it is a gigantic aquarium between 0 and 40 meters. The grandiose scenery of the “Sec” is reserved for experienced divers because of its greater depth and its location in the middle of currents.
La Balise de l’Esquillade :  not far from l’Ile du Levant this succession of rocks between 0 et 45 meters is a real aquarium, small rock fish, breams, amber jacks, groupers and barracudas are commonplace when diving there.
Les Brisées : a few yards from the Cap Tayat, les Brisées are rocks at depths of 25 and 40 meter, where fauna abounds. It is possible to meet regularly barracudas, groupers are also frequent encounters, while spiny lobsters are everywhere. The name “Les Brises” comes from the many antique pottery fragments that are easy to find here.
Le Tombant du Bailly : this 200 meters little wall is home to a rich and varied fauna despite some rather poor scenery. Rare species such as the long pine sea urchin, can be spotted on almost every dive.
La Sèche du Sarranier : in the Grande Passe between Port-Cros and Porquerolles this rock mass between 20 et 50 meters benefits from the nutrition found in currents and displays big walls covered with gorgonias. Fauna and flora are also present and many encounters are possible on this site that resembles an off-shore dive location.
La Pointe du Vaisseau and La Pointe de la Croix : located in the Port-Cros National Park, these 2 dives allow divers whatever their level to meet most of the fish common to the region.